Sports Nutrition

What is Sports Nutrition?

athlete on stairsSports Nutrition is the scientific study and practice of nutrition as it relates to athletic performance. It can be a complicated topic because commercialism has made supplements its main focus for superior athletic performance when it is the nutrients from the foods we eat that help athletes attain optimum health, power, strength and endurance. But there are some basic natural principles that apply to nearly every athlete.

All athletes should eat a balanced diet that includes a wide variety of foods. There is a myth that athletes need a great amount of protein for superior athletic performance. The simple truth is that an athlete's protein needs are likely to be slightly higher than those of most other people, but not necessarily that much higher as is currently taught. There is much misinformation about eating large amounts of protein and The College of Natural Health will dispel much of these incorrect philosophies in relation to the correct diet that will help athletes attain optimum athletic sports performance.

Vegan and Vegetarian Sports Nutrition

Vegan and vegetarian athletes must especially pay close attention to their protein intake. Proteins can be received from eating green leafy vegetables, fruits, root vegetables and nuts. Bananas, avocados, and almonds are a few good examples. Healthy protein sources are needed for all athletes because these proteins are responsible with tissues repairs, muscles building, and the production of red blood cells.

Vegan and vegetarian athletes need a well-balanced diet that is capable of providing enough energy to prevent catabolism and premature fatigue. Most vegan or vegetarian regimens ensure an ideal balance of nutrients with the inclusion of phytochemicals that help to nourish and protect the body and assist with building power, strength and enhanced energy recovery in their body cells. Mastering the art of balancing healthy plant-based foods is essential for optimum athletic sports performance.

healthy and fitAll athletes need plenty of energy to deliver their best sports performance. Research has shown that for both quick and long-lasting energy, the body works more efficiently with carbohydrates than it does with proteins or fats. Fruits and vegetables are the highest quality source of carbohydrates that have proven to deliver the highest, athletic sports performance possible.

Female athletes must pay particular attention to their dietary iron requirements. Good sources of iron include dark leafy green vegetables. Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables help vegans and vegetarians to properly absorb the iron mineral to produce iron rich, healthy blood, so it is a good idea to eat a good amount of dark leafy greens every day.

Vitamin B12 is available from green vegetables provided that you do not wash off the green leaves that contain the bacteria that produces B12. It is one of the most common nutrients missing from the diets of vegan and vegetarian athletes. If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you should consider taking a B12 supplement, preferably Methylcobalamin instead of the Cyanocobalamin, which is more toxic, until you replenish the proper level of B12 within your body for optimum health. We recommend that you only take this supplement when your B12 vitamin stores in your body are too low because both supplements, like most supplements, are toxic and will lower your energy levels.

Having a diversified diet with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts will ensure that you are receiving your daily requirements of minerals, vitamins and amino acids within your vegan or vegetarian diet.

Adopting a Successful Vegan or Vegetarian Lifestyle

Adopting a successful vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is a gradual progression. It requires dedication on your behalf to learn the nutritional guidelines, recipes and food substitutes. It can also be an exciting experience as well as a positive step towards attaining optimum health, power, strength and endurance for the serious athlete who desires a superior, athletic sports performance.

Our Sports Nutrition School

At the College of Natural Health, we now offer sports degree programs and certifications. Our Sports Nutrition Degrees, Sports Management Degrees, Sports Marketing Degrees, and Certifications are all based on the Hygienic Natural Health and Nutrition Philosophy. Our sports nutrition courses will teach you necessary concepts to improve your own athletic training program and those of your clients. Incorporating a scientifically sound diet and a proper nutrition regimen can radically improve the effectiveness of your training objectives. You will gain the necessary tools to be able to teach others how to naturally attain maximum health, power, strength and endurance for optimum sports performance. Your clients will enjoy accelerated health and energy results as they apply your integrated nutritional approach to their personal training routines.

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